Weekly media report

Oct. 18th, 2017 11:59 pm
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- Dice Tales: Essays on Roleplaying Games and Storytelling, by Marie Brennan. Useful essays that were pretty clearly adapted from blog posts but make a good introduction to narrativist-inflected roleplaying of the tabletop sort. I'm not crazy about all of her fiction but her writing here is solid.

- none

- Blancmange, Happy Families, Blanc Tapes edition. Really enjoyed this and particularly the live renditions of the various songs which showed the sorts of rearrangements they were doing outside the studio. The 12" remixes were good but I'd heard them before. Not so crazy about the demos, though they show you what solid engineering and production can do for a song.

101 in 1001 report

Oct. 15th, 2017 01:43 pm
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I knocked off one item this fortnight: I went to a pop-up shop! Which was very successful. I bought some things that worked for me and saw that one thing I wasn't sure about didn't.

List under the cut. )

I think one of the household repair items is going to be replacing some shades the cats have torn up. Sigh. Still working on other things and grinding away on those long-term items.

Weekly media report

Oct. 11th, 2017 08:13 pm
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- none.

- Blade Runner 2049. Sequel to the original and better than it had any business being.
- Master Pancake Harr-athon Ford Fiesta. The clips were funny and I'm glad I did it but the Master Pancaked guys aren't as funny as my friends.

- The Budos Band, Burnt Offering. Another funky soundtrack to a movie I want to see.
- Carbon Leaf, Indian Summer Revisited & Nothing Rhymes with Woman. Bought these two live a while ago at a concert and I'm not sorry I did, but they're okay. I like their Celtic-tinged rock, but I feel like I've heard this a lot from other bands (cf Great Big Sea) with a stronger Celtic/trad influence and on the Celtic side, from actual hardcore trad people who know how to rock it up. Overall this is a band that's better live where their personality and the love of their fans shines through.
- Robert Smith, Telemann: Fantasias for Viola da Gamba. Solo viola da gamba. Really enjoyable early working music.



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